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Alisa Gravitz

Alisa Gravitz

For 25 years, Alisa Gravitz is the Executive Director of Green America (, the national green economy organization. Green America develops marketplace solutions to social and environmental problems with key focus on climate change, solar energy, recycled paper, fair trade and community investment. Green America’s major events and publications include Green Festivals, the Green Business Conference, National Green Pages, Green American and Real Green. Green America operates the nation’s largest green business and consumer networks. Ms. Gravitz’s board service includes Ceres, Anacostia Watershed Society, Social Investment Forum and Network for Good. She earned her MBA from Harvard University and her BA in economics and environmental sciences from Brandeis University. Green America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


What Makes a Business Green?

Over the past years, green has become the new buzzword, but what does it really mean and how can a business, agency, or organization be green? Ms. Gravitz will introduce you to Green America’s Green Business Network™ where you’ll learn what it means to be green and how to implement authentic sustainable practices and policies into your work from the perspective of businesses who have been walking the green path for the last 25 years.