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Carbon Concierge

Carbon Concierge was founded in February of 2007 with an emphasis on business engagement in global warming solutions. They help direct business leaders, at prominent environmental and sustainability related conferences around the country, toward solutions that reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that relate to their company’s operations. They also add value to processes that are already in place, yet lacking initiative within organizations.

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With an emphasis on ROS (Return on Sustainability) Carbon Concierge helps organizations realize the financial benefits of implementing sustainable strategies while also providing social and environmental benefits for their organization and community. Their foundation is based on collaborative partnerships with other businesses, governments and NGO’s.  Together with their partners, they assist with follow-up post conference, by providing assessment and calculation tools as well as reduction strategies.  As a part of the GHG reduction process, Carbon Concierge provides assistance with selection of appropriate carbon offset providers to reach what they call a "Carbon Balanced State", once emission targets have been met.