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Community Greenhouse Foundation

Community Greenhouse Foundation

Community Greenhouse Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that exists to promote sustainability. We provide programs and outreach for many distinct segments of your community that promote sustainable development, operating your business and facilities in a greener light, and conserving resources, like energy and water.

The Community Greenhouse Foundation was established in 1995 as the Industry Education Alliance. The mission to create partnerships between industry, education and the construction industry was fulfilled with highly acclaimed programs.

In 2002, the importance of Green Sustainable Development for the future of America was identified as a priority. Under the direction of Richard W. Evans, President & CEO the IEA has been transformed and prepared to fulfill the mission of the Community Greenhouse Foundation. The foundation has several primary areas of focus.

First, we seek to increase awareness of sustainable building, energy efficient design, sustainable development and renewable practices amongst a broad constituency.

The second goal of the foundation is to partner with organizations, manufacturers, and accredited professionals and firms from all disciplines, creating a forum to encourage best practices, new technologies and connect communities with people and resources.

And third, we work to facilitate, lead, and promote vehicles that will empower communities to be greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

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