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David Bracciano

David Bracciano

David Bracciano is the Demand Management Coordinator for Tampa Bay Water. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Water Resource Development from Michigan State University and his Masters degree in Public Administration at the University of South Florida.

He is responsible for coordinating development of conservation, demand forecasting, and demand management programming throughout the Tampa Bay region. He is also responsible for developing and implementing various demand management procedures aimed at optimizing use of economic and water resources in the Tampa Bay region.

He currently chairs a conservation committee made of Tampa Bay Water member governments, the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and local cooperative extension service offices. He serves as the vice chair of programs on the board of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, is the chairman of the Alliance’s Water Efficiency Research Committee, is an AWWA Water Conservation Division trustee, is the immediate past chair of the Florida Section AWWA’s Water Use Efficiency Division, and was recently nominated to Water Reuse Foundation’s Resource Advisory Committee.


Optimizing Water Demand Management Goals with Implementation, Evaluation, and Performance

This workshop will describe how to develop, implement and evaluate long term demand side management programs for local and regional governments. Included in the presentation will be information on how demand side water conservation programs are developed, what technologies work, how cost effective they are, the latest in conservation technology, and pertinent sources of conservation information. Linkages to other agencies and conservation metrics will be discussed.