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Dea Corns

Dea Corns

Dea Corns is a resident of Greensburg, Kansas, the town destroyed by a massive EF-5 tornado in May of 2007. Dea and her husband Tom, own and run the towns locally owned bank. While the bank was destroyed in the storm, the vault survived and Tom and Dea worked through the rubble to provide residents access to their money. The determination and commitment to bring the town back after near complete destruction was given a great boost because of the leadership provided by the Corns.

While working full weeks out of a trailer for over a year after the storm, Dea still made time for civic duties including Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce, founding board member and Treasurer of the nonprofit heading the town’s green initiative, Greensburg GreenTown and board member for the nonprofit Media Center, a project of Kiowa County of which Greensburg is the county seat.


Surviving and Thriving from Natural Disasters

Greensburg, KS was destroyed by an EF5 Tornado estimated to be 1.7 miles wide with 205+ mph winds on May 4, 2007. Within days after the storm a resolve and community spirit began to emerge, to build back better, safer and in a more sustainable manner. Dea and her husband Tom have been at the heart of this resolve, working with the city and county leaders to make this town prosperous once again, and a model for other communities.