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Dr. Brian Nattrass

Dr. Brian Nattrass

Dr. Brian Nattrass is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, lawyer, and senior corporate advisor on the strategy and execution of sustainability initiatives and corporate responsibility. He has been retained as sustainability advisor to many organizations, both private and public, including Starbucks and Nike in the private sector, and NASA and the U.S. Army in the public sector. A former All-American athlete, Brian had a twenty-year career in corporate law and finance prior to dedicating himself to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Having served as both CEO of a public manufacturing company and Chairman of Earth Day International, he brings a balanced and informed perspective to the issues of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Brian is the coauthor of four books on the theory and practice of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Their most recent book, DANCING WITH THE TIGER — Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step focuses on the dynamics of innovation, organizational transformation, and the integration of more sustainable business practices. It features some of the latest learning from their clients such as Nike, Starbucks, the U.S. Marines, the City of Seattle, the global engineering firm CH2MHILL, and the international mountain resort of Whistler, BC. His first book THE NATURAL STEP FOR BUSINESS — Wealth, Ecology and the Evolutionary Corporation, has become an international sustainability bestseller, and is used by businesses, universities, and government agencies around the world.

Keynote Presentation

SUSTAINABILITY – National Imperative, Business Opportunity, and Framework for Regional Planning & Development

This keynote presentation will examine key drivers of sustainability at the national level; explore profitable sustainable business opportunities and strategies with companies like Starbucks, Target, Hyatt and Nike; and examine successful use of sustainability as a framework for regional planning and development with government-led initiatives across North America including the world-class resort of Whistler, BC, the military installation of Ft. Bragg and the Sandhills Region of North Carolina, and the public water utility of the Las Vegas Valley Water District along with the Southern Nevada Water Authority regional water agency.