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Dr. Demitri Nikitin

Dr. Demitri Nikitin is Founder and CEO of Fonon Technology International, Inc., and has been involved in the laser and electronics industries for over thirty years. He has participated in and co-developed over 100 inventions and applications related to Surface Processing, Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology(tm), Laser Separation, Laser Welding and Laser Marking Technologies. He holds numerous patents and patent pending applications for inventions devised using his broad scientific and manufacturing experience. Using this experience Dr. Nikitin started Advanced Solar Photonics to manufacture solar panels that were used in the aerospace industry and now are being used worldwide in any application.

Dr. Nikitin attended the Moscow Power Engineering University where he earned a Ph.D. degree in Science. In addition he was awarded the title of Academia from the Academy of Radio Electronics Sciences of Russia and the Ukraine. Dr. Nikitin co-developed numerous industrial technological processes and prototype laser systems at the Institute of Precise Technologies, also owned by Dr. Nikitin.