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Dr. Penelope Canan

Dr. Penelope Canan

Dr. Penelope Canan is Professor of Sociology at the University of Central Florida since 2006, having moved to Orlando from the University of Denver. Between 2004-2006, she served as Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project, hosted by Japan’s National Institute for Environmental Studies. Among many honors, she has received the “Distinguished Career” award from the American Sociological Association’s Section on Environment and Technology (2007) and the US EPA’s “Best of the Best” award for individual contribution to ozone layer protection (2007).



Understanding the Dynamics of the Global Carbon-Climate-Human System (1 AICP CM awarded)

This talk brings together natural and social science perspectives to understand global warming and climate change, their causes, consequences, and feedback loops. Topics that will be covered: how carbon cycles between the earth and its atmosphere, its oceans, biosphere, and oceans; how atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations reveal the awesome power of human societies; how the "natural" disasters that are the predictable consequences of elevated CO2 vary; and the ethno-eco responses that we may anticipate, foster, or prevent.