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Dr. Pierce Jones

Dr. Pierce Jones

Dr. Pierce Jones graduated from the University of Florida in 1980 with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department in the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the UF. He directs the Program for Resource Efficient Communities (PREC), an interdisciplinary, self-funded, entrepreneurial group that promotes the adoption of “best design, construction and management practices” in new, master planned residential developments. Under his direction the Program for Resource Efficient Communities has worked on a wide range of water supply and quality issues. His program worked with the St. Johns River Water Management District and the Southwest Florida Water Management District to develop the original Florida Water Star program. The program conducts workshops on Low Impact Development and smart irrigation technologies. Finally, the program directly participates in land development and building projects that adopt and demonstrate “green” practices.


Preserving Florida’s Water Supply and Quality with LID Practices (1 AICP CM awarded)

This presentation targets two intertwined and equally critical Florida environmental challenges. Our water supply is being pushed to its limits and the quality of our natural waterways is steadily deteriorating. Conventional land development practices and the promotion of unsustainable landscapes are major contributors to both of these problems. Low impact development (LID) practices can help, but to be fully beneficial in Florida LID must address both issues simultaneously.