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Eamon Martin

Eamon Martin is Executive Director of The Global Report, a unique multimedia nonprofit news organization he has supervised and developed for over ten years. A veteran independent media activist, Mr. Martin has dedicated his life to advancing and advocating for greater public access to social and environmental education.

Following his education in Sociology at the State University of New York at New Paltz, Mr. Martin lived in Costa Rica where he created programming for United Nations affiliate station Radio For Peace International. He then moved to Asheville, NC to help create and oversee The Global Report, an award-winning newspaper, website, television and radio program focusing on under-reported news from around the world. The Global Report’s mission is to provide a mosaic of crucial information concerning the public’s health and welfare, based on the belief that a free exchange of information is necessary to organize for social change.

Mr. Martin‘s work has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. In 2004, he shared a Project Censored award with The Nation and Global Outlook for exposing treaty-busting by the United States.

He can be seen every week on national satellite television co-anchoring The Global Report for Free Speech TV on the Dish network.


A battle that is being waged for our hearts and minds has escalated in the past year. We are witnessing the collapse of the very foundations of the venerated canons of journalism (ie. newsprint) and its subsequent folding into new media technologies (blogs, social networking sites, Twitter feeds). This fruition of a post-modern mediascape in which the lines between advertising, journalism and public relations have become blurred beyond distinction presents both challenges and opportunities for social change media. Mr. Martin will provide an overview of the present situation and its possible implications for advocacy media.