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Empower Distribution is the US South-East distributor for Geyser, a water heater heat pump manufactured by North Road Technologies of Maine.  Its technology partner is Nyle Corporation, a 30 year leader in industrial cogeneration, heat pump, water heating and dehumidification technologies.

The Geyser is a high efficiency water heater heat pump that connects to any existing electric, gas, oil, or propane water heater in home or business.  Geyser qualifies for the Federal 30% Tax Credit. The Geyser is 370% efficient and can cool and remove up to 50 pints of moisture. The Geyser is superior in terms of efficiency and ownership cost to tankless and solar water heater technologies. The Geyser is an easy DIY project, plugs in a standard 110 volts wall outlet and comes with a 5 years warranty. UL approved. Green technology made in United States.

Visit us at www.empowerdistribution.com