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Florida Bicycle Association

Florida Bicycle Association

Florida Bicycle Association’s (FBA) mission is to inspire and support people and communities to enjoy greater freedom and well-being through bicycling. We envision a state where people of all ages see bicycling as a normal, practical and safe transportation alternative, and where drivers of motor vehicles respect and appreciate the presence of bicycles on the roadways. http://www.floridabicycle.org/

Our Purpose:

  • To be a powerful, influential organization that protects and advances the interests of bicyclists
  • To educate bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists about safely sharing roadways and paths
  • To be a voice for the needs of bicyclists
  • To encourage the creation of great on-road and off-road places to ride
  • To provide a statewide communications network for bicyclists
  • To encourage more people to bicycle more often

FBA is supported by membership dues and grants for safety education and both bicyclist and motor vehicle driver awareness programs.

Please visit www.floridabicycle.org for more information.