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Georgia Malki

Georgia Malki

Georgia Malki is the President of Seven-Star, green experts to the event industry. Ms. Malki has over twenty years of event planning and marketing experience and is deeply committed to transforming her industry towards engaging sustainable and socially just practices.

She began her event career with Whole Life Exposition and Conferences in San Rafael, CA where she rose to be the Chief Operations Officer. There she planned and organized the restructuring of company operations and budgets of over $3 million. She standardized marketing and green operations to facilitate ten annual shows hosting an average of 350 exhibitors, 125 speakers, 30 entertainers, 350 volunteers, 75 staff, and 25,000 attendees per show. Her implementation of the first recycling policy in 1996 helped lay the foundation for Seven-Star and its commitment to operating as a green company.

Georgia co-founded Seven-Star, Inc. in 1999 with life partner Alan van de Kamp, and brother Joseph B. Malki. Seven-Star is considered the world’s leader for green event production and green education.


Event Greening: Creating Sustainable Solutions

In this workshop attendees will explore the unique challenges and opportunities that ecological and social responsibility pose for the event and hospitality industry. We will provide insight into the social and environmental impacts of the industry and the solutions that show managers, General Service Contractors, facilities and subcontractors can use to contribute to the health of people and planet, while improving profits. Participants will learn how to source and utilize resource-efficient materials and processes, boost marketing advantage, and appeal to the healthy and environmentally conscious client. The four pillars of event greening will give the audience the frame work for successfully creating a “green” event.

The Four Pillars of Event Greening Include:

1. Eco-product conversion (earth friendly supplies, products, carpet and booth solutions, cleaners, and food, beverage and service ware)

2. Landfill diversion (resource recovery and conservation)

3. Energy and Water reduction, efficiency and saving

4. Carbon (greenhouse gases) emission calculation and off-sets