Green Cities? Florida 2009 Showcase |

Green Cities? Florida 2009 Showcase

Green Cities™ Florida Showcase is an interactive and educational demonstration of sustainable solutions. The showcase area features:

  • Premier sponsors’ sustainable products and services
  • Green Bookstore
  • Networking through Fair Trade and organic beverage breaks
  • Organic meal buffets
  • Cool Green lounge area

The Green Cities™ Florida Showcase provides a platform for interactivity and engagement with Green Cities™ attendees in a creative way. Guests will have the opportunity to enter an office area with sustainably made furniture, energy efficient computers and efficient lighting. They will be able to make a call from a sustainable telecom provider and be served coffee from an organic, Fair Trade certified coffee company.

Types of companies to be featured include:

  • Alternative Transportation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Construction
  • Green Interiors
  • Green Business Products
  • Sustainable Consultants
  • Green Office Supplies
  • Green IT Solutions
  • Conservation & Recycling
  • Socially Responsible Finance
  • Green Media
  • Organic & Fair Trade Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Green Careers & Education
  • Eco Travel
  • Socially Responsible / Community Leaderships
  • Green Landscape Solutions

Floor Plan

See also the full-size floor plan (PDF document).

Green Cities Sponsor Showcase