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Jerry Daigle

Jerry Daigle

Jerry Daigle is the former Deputy General Manager of the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida. The OCCC is the second largest convention center in the country at 7 million gross square feet. Jerry was responsible for the Facility Operations, Event Operations and Information Services Divisions, with an annual operating budget over $30 million.

Mr. Daigle is the project manager for the $8.8 million “Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration & Research Facility and Climate-Change Education Center” at the OCCC. This multi-purpose renewable energy project was created by a community partnership, and it subsequently received a $2.5 million grant from the state of Florida.

Jerry has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MS in Engineering Science, and an MBA.

Workshop and Tour

Energy Management and Solar PV at the OCCC: A Case Study (1 AICP CM)

This presentation and tour will provide an overview of energy management accomplishments at the Orange County Convention Center, including a one-megawatt solar array that will be the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic system in the southeast U.S. when it is completed. The development, implementation, and results of an energy conservation & efficiency program started in 2005 will be reviewed. The conception, funding, and status of the “solar project”, sponsored by the Orlando Utilities Commission, will also be covered.

Following the presentation, an optional facility tour will provide an up-close look at some interesting energy-saving applications such as LED lighting, small experimental PV systems and, depending on the size of the tour group, the rooftop one-megawatt system.