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Joseph B. Malki

Joseph B. Malki

Joseph B. Malki is the visionary founder of the new Green Cities™ event series and development platform. He is also the co-founder and a partner at Seven-Star, Inc. He has over twenty years of consulting and industry experience with primary disciplines in green marketing strategy, business development, and information technology. He is a military veteran, visionary marketer with a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Mr. Malki is a passionate speaker and a representative of the green conservative movement: supporting the science of sustainability and ecology into our nation’s educational and infrastructural development. Joseph was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the International Festival and Events Association in Australia. He is part of the original 1000 students trained by the honorable Al Gore at The Climate Project in presenting the scientific basis for climate change to lay audiences.

Joseph Malki’s background is in green event production, environmental activism, green construction, cooperatives, information technology and creative partnership development has steered his services to America’s top organizations. His consultancy clients have included the State of California, the City and County of San Francisco, Lowe McAdams Health Care, Alcone Marketing and Hample Stefanides, among others. For the last twelve years, he has developed synergistic opportunities between IT, marketing and event production industries for the environmental sector. In 2002, Mr. Malki served as the Director of Marketing for EventPro Strategies, developing projects for American Idol, US Army -NASCAR, General Mills, Turner Networks, and Loews Theaters. There he architected the largest model talent database in the US and went on to develop Seven-Star’s database, also noted as the largest green business to business database in the world.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Joe lived and traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Malki served as a board member of the Solar Community Housing Association in Davis, California and helped build the first rammed earth home in Northern California designed by former California State Architect Sim van de Ryn. He later attended the University of California at Davis and graduated with a Bachelor’s in History. Mr. Malki is noted to have designed and organized one of the first integrated waste diversion program at an outdoor event in the United States in 1989. This included food, beverage and human effluvia composting, the use of full product recycling and the distribution of non-disposable utensils at the 37,000 attendee Whole Earth Festival. This experience as the Recycling Coordinator at this student managed event (at alma mater University of California, Davis) would later become the inspiration for Seven-Star’s “Event Greening Program”. Mr. Malki recently lead the coordination of the greening of Live Earth in Shanghai which rated 82% in waste diversion with the help of volunteers from China UNDP, UNEP, WWF, Roots and Shoots and a number of Chinese Universities. He also architected a global multi-language site that recruited and trained over 10,000 volunteers for the Live Earth Concerts.

Joseph is the protégé of Eugene Roger Apodaca, PhD Mathematics Berkeley. Later, as the public relations liaison for the California State Fair, Joseph had the opportunity to organize VIP galas, and military fly-over’s that secured a local prestige for his ease with large scale, high end affairs. Mr. Malki also served as a coordinator of Central Valley Earth First! in 1991’s famous Redwood Summer Campaign. His “green red-neck” contingent launched the kick-off protest at the Sacramento Log Export Dock and was featured on national television as the beginning of the largest environmental protest in history (600,000 activist assembled to stop the liquidation of the Pacific Northwestern Forests). Later, as a member of the elite 1/184 Infantry Air Assault Unit with the California Army National Guard he continued his military service into two officer candidacies.