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Marty Mesh

Marty Mesh is the Executive Director of Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc. (FOG) and its organic certification program, Quality Certification Services (QCS). For over twenty years, Marty Mesh has been part of the organic and sustainable agriculture movement and has been involved in the formation and development of numerous recognized organizations that provide services to farmers, businesses and local communities. He serves on the boards of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG), the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, the Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA) and is a founding member of Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). He devotes much of his time contacting and talking to policy makers to make sure that the needs of farmers and local consumers are taken into account. Currently, he is part of the efforts to develop community food programs that meet the needs of low income families in Florida. Additionally, he is an integral part in the establishment of a social justice label that will assure consumers that relationship between farm workers and farmers and buyers are transparent and just.


Growing the Organic Industry in Florida

Organic food and product choices are widely available. Supermarket chains, local food stores, famers markets and community supported agriculture memberships are providing consumers with everything from organic fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs to personal care products made with organic ingredients. As the demand for organic products continues to grow, farmers, businesses, schools and governments can learn how to be part of positive change. The 2008 Farm Bill will surely benefit the organic industry as Governmental recognition of the environmental and human health benefits of organic agriculture evolves.