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Mary Anne Bowie

Mary Anne Bowie

Mary Anne G. Bowie, FAICP, president of Bowie Urban Planners and Sarasota Green Marketplace, has been speaking nationally on sustainable planning solutions for 15 years and growing Sarasota’s local green economy for six years. Recent accomplishments include advising St. Petersburg College on their Sustainability Management degree and creating sustainable policies for Charlotte County. National award winner Bowie earned her BA in English from FSU and her Master of City Planning degree from Georgia Tech.



Growing and Nurturing Your Local Green Economy (1 AICP CM awarded)

The Sarasota Green Connection Economic Development Model has evolved over a six year period and is replicable in other communities. Results include green building products retail store, local directory of 250 businesses that sell eco-friendly products and services, a 4000 person community network, six years of monthly eco-forums and a grow the green economy focused non profit. Learn about the “invisible” economy, grow the green economy government incentives, and sustainable land use policies.