Jul 27, 2022

Green Cities Named to M&A 2022 PE Innovators in ESG

It’s no easy task to define, measure and achieve ESG goals. This year’s honorees are leading the way.

Mergers & Acquisitions has named the winners of its 2022 PE Innovators in ESG.

As ESG practices in the industry evolve, so do the programs of PE firms who have committed to developing and implementing them. Each honoree provided us with a roadmap to how they have built and customized ESG frameworks internally and at their portfolio companies.

While ESG practices are now becoming more mainstream in private equity, many firms are still figuring out how to put them in place. The 2022 PE Innovators in ESG, our second year naming outstanding programs in the space, also share advice for PE firms looking to start their own ESG programs.

Introducing this year’s honorees, listed in alphabetical order. Links to our coverage are below:

Access Holdings has crafted a customized multi-pronged approach to ESG which includes the Access Impact Matrix.

Apollo Global Management’s reporting program has been in place for 13 years and it continues to build its formidable ESG muscle.

Bain Capital integrates ESG across the firm and its investment strategies. In 2021, it established core ESG commitments and ambitions as investors.

BayPine’s ESG program was developed in tandem with the firm’s broader operational and investment infrastructure, not as a secondary consideration.

Blackstone has made ESG data like any other financial metric. The firm leverages its existing financial data collection process to collect ESG data.

Long Ridge Equity Partners’ investment strategy has long focused on technology that advances ESG in enterprises within the firm’s core financial and business technology verticals.

MiddleGround Capital’s ESG program includes a dedicated team, a formalized policy, an ESG committee and systems to track and measure data.

Monomoy Capital Partners engages everyone from the ground up in ESG at both the firm and portfolio companies.

The Green Cities Company’s proprietary metric, the Green Cities Index (GCI), integrates ESG and DEI throughout the firm and the lifecycle of its investments.

TZP Group has made ESG one of the four pillars that define the lower-middle-market private equity firm.

An additional four firms received honorable mentions, which you’ll see listed below. The 2nd Annual PE Innovators in ESG is also published in the July/August 2022 issue of Mergers & Acquisitions.

As part of the M&A Speak & Meet Series, Mergers & Acquisitions will also be hosting a two-part event — M&A’s PE Innovators in ESG virtual “SPEAK” event on July 13, and an in-person “MEET” event in New York City on July 20, each featuring many of the winning programs as speakers.

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