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Orange County goes Green – and gets the GOLD!
Orange to Green Orange County has been certified a Green Local Government at the Gold level by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) – the first municipality in Florida to be certified at the gold level.  Full Story (PDF – 223KB)
A Green Orange County


Solar Water Heater System Incentive Program

Looking for a way to go green and save more money? Check out Orange County’s solar incentive program for residential and commercial properties.

Thanks to our Solar Workshop partners! View the presentations given at the workshops and the sponsors who made it all possible.

Find out more at EPD
EPD Logo

Visit the Orange County Environmental Protection Division’s (EPD) page.

  • Upcoming events  
  • EnviroFlash – and other air quality info
  • Citizen and community involvement
  • Permit and ordinance information
  • …and much more!
Orange to Green Development Program

Orange County’s Orange to Green Development Program (OGDP), approved March 4, 2008, was created to encourage sustainable development in our community. For more information, visit the Orange County Building Department’s Green Building page. View the Resolution (PDF – 64KB).

The Orange County 3rd Annual Design Excellence Awards Ceremony ? October 16th ? Orange County Convention Center ? purchase tickets through Jennifer Bryla ? (407) 836-0926 ?

Redeveloping Orange County Communities (ROCC)
Florida Brownfields Association Logo
Florida Brownfields Association

Current ROCC as a Brownfield Projects

Find out more about Brownfields by visiting the following external sites:


The American Public Transportation Association (External Site) offers an on-line Transit Savings Calculator to compare the price of using public transportation with the price of paying at the pump and then parking your car in town.

External Transportation Links

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Visit the beautiful Florida Friendly Landscaping Demonstration Garden (PDF – 190KB) at 201 S Rosalind Avenue (corner of Rosalind Avenue & Jackson Street) in downtown Orlando ? Take a look back at the Garden’s beginnings (PDF – 132 KB).

For Florida Friendly Landscaping (External Site) information and classes, contact the Orange County Cooperative Extension at 407-254-9200 or visit (External Site) ? 6021 S. Conway Road, Orlando

Do your part to protect Florida’s fabulous & threatened wildflowers (Word – 52KB).

Free landscape tree giveaways through Orange County’s Streetscape Adopt A Tree(External Link)  program.

Water Conservation

Saving our water resources is critically important and requires everyone’s participation. Discover ways you can conserve water.

External Sites

Free Energy Audits

Energy Audits are widely available and can be done in person or on-line.

External Sites

Orange County Mayor Richard T. Crotty invited WESH TV (PDF – 142KB) into his home to help inform homeowners of a free service that can help them save money. "There’s my role as mayor to highlight the issue and my role as a citizen to try to do the right thing," he said.

Setting a personal example for others to follow by having an energy check at his home, Mayor Crotty encourages residents to follow his lead.

Energy Saving Home Improvements
CFL Bulb

External Sites

The choices you make every day can save energy and improve the environment. Visit the U.S. Department of Energy Make Every Day Earth Day site for tips to save money and protect the environment. (text only version) (External Sites)

Learn more about what you can do (PDF – 89KB) to make Orange County Green. Here’s a few home improvement ideas to get you started:

  • Lighting (External Site) is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. Electric lighting and fixtures, such as ceiling fans, controlled by motion sensors can help to ensure that energy is not wasted in unoccupied spaces.
  • Energy efficient windows (External Site) can lower energy consumption and reduce heat transmission.
  • Switch to Energy efficient appliance (External Site). Recycle (External Site) or properly dispose of old models.

Conserving energy and decreasing pollution will help slow climate change and protect wildlife habitat worldwide.   

The Dangers of Plastic Bags (PDF – 2.07MB)

Polar Bear on Thin Ice

Refrigerator and Freezer Habits

  • Keep the freezer full (add bottles of water, if necessary)
  • Cover wet food and liquids
  • Lower the freezer and raise the fridge settings
  • Develop quick in and out habits instead of browsing
  • Clean the coils
  • Replace older freezers and refrigerators with new energy efficient (External Site) models. New refrigerators consume 75% less energy than those produced in the late 1970s.
  • Obtain a Free Energy Audit

Polar Bear on Thin Ice photo from Oceana: Protecting the World’s Oceans (External Site)

Orange County Climate Change Summit
Orange to Green Logo

On September 25, 2007, Orange County hosted its first-ever Climate Change Summit. Both the Summit and Mayor Crotty’s Climate Change Plan (Word – 180 KB) mark the beginning of a strategy to place Orange County in the forefront of the world-wide movement to reduce green house gases.

A Green Orange County in the News


Governor Crist gets Green Tour in Maitland

Governor Charlie Crist made history of sorts Friday when he became the first Florida governor to visit Maitland city hall on official business, at least according to Maitland Mayor Doug Kinson’s introduction of the governor. Crist met with Kinson, Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty and community leaders… (full story – PDF 35 KB).  Enlarge picture (JPG – 353 KB)

See FDEP’s story (External Site)