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What to Expect?

You should expect to live in a healthy community. You should expect to pass a thriving planet to the next generation. You should expect Green Cities Florida to help you realize your expectations.  That’s why we’ve intentionally designed a one-of-a-kind conference to equip business and government with practical steps, relevant case studies and strategic plans for getting started and transforming how we work. The green economy is growing and transforming every part of the marketplace. Businesses and governments need to stay informed in this rapidly changing world and adopt practices that provide for people, planet and profits.

A-typical of most conferences on “green”, we have selected leading trainers, certified educators, and technology experts, coached to give you substantive tools and information.  You can also take advantage of Continuing Education training courses. 

Since sustainability issues are deeply intertwined with the politics of municipal, county and state government, Green Cities™ addresses the unique challenges facing the Florida marketplace, including the specific relationship to federal policy and funding.

Green Cities™ provides both short-term and long-term guidance towards sustainable practices, opportunities to network with like-minded peers, and demonstrations of how the “triple bottom line” provides solutions for people, planet, and profit.  With a focus on innovative educational systems such as peer-to-peer collaboration, solution system roundtables and Open Space Technology, Green Cities™ speakers will provide usable tools, pragmatic solutions, relevant case studies, and regional and national resources; all the information you need to help your department, agency or organization begin or advance sustainable best practices.

Workshops include:

  • What Makes a Business Green
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Green Governance
  • Understanding and Responding to Climate Change
  • Event Greening
  • Sustainable Community Design
  • Capital Market Partnerships
  • Eco-product Replacement
  • Clean Tech Economic Development
  • Renewable Energy Polices and Programs
  • Innovation in Alternative Energy
  • Transit Oriented Design
  • Eco-Cities of the Future
  • Surviving and Thriving from Natural Disasters
  • Waste Wise Communities
  • Venture Capital & Financing the Green Economy
  • Green Hospitality & Tourism
  • Green Marketing & Public Relations
  • Green Building Training Course (6 hr CECs)
  • And much more!